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eharmony-free-trial-reviewThe website has over 20 million registered members and on the average, 542 members marry every day. The online dating site is dedicated in finding you a match that you will have a successful relationship with.

Die-hard romantics will say that finding the right person for you lies in the stars, the sparks that you will see when you see the person and when everything in the skies aligned to give you your destiny. It is about fate, an indescribable phenomenon. But Dr. Neil Clark Warren, the man behind, believes that finding love is not just a matter of chance and fate. As a clinical psychologist to married couple for 35 years, he has seen marriages that ended in divorce and the ones that worked really well and strong. Dr. Warren observed that the relationships that worked are the one’s where both partners have common traits and are compatible.

Dating Goes Scientific

eharmony-free-signup-review-dr-warren goes beyond traditional online dating sites and uses science in finding the right match for you. Based on Dr. Warren years of marriage counseling and study, chemistry is not enough of an assurance that a marriage will work or fail. It takes more than that. He studied the difference between happy and unhappy married couples and found out that there 29 Dimensions that predict great relationships.

It is the only online dating site that uses 29 Dimensions compatible matches, which are grouped into Core Traits and Vital Attributes. This is the first time that I have encountered this. Most dating sites that I have found usually only considers the likes and dislikes in matching people. Some even only rely on the specific preference of a person without taking into account their compatibility. A comprehensive Relationship Questionnaire will assess and dissect your personality according to your core traits – Emotional Temperament, Social Style, Cognitive Mode and Physicality.

Aside from that the questionnaire digs deeper by revealing your Relationship Skills, Values and Beliefs and Key Experiences. After, you get your Free Personality Profile. I personally think this is great because it gives you an insight into your own characteristics and preferences. And there is no better way to start finding a relationship with someone than knowing yourself first and what you can give to your future significant other.

eharmony-free-signup-review-29-dimensionsBut be informed that this process of answering the eHarmony Relationship Questionnaire has a total 256 questions. That’s quite a handful compared to some that have questions far less than this. The questions are easy though but you really have to give your honest answers about yourself so that you can the most accurate personality profile of yourself. You will be asked according to the following questions:

  • Personal Information
  • Personal beliefs
  • 19 statements that may or may not describe you
  • Self-descriptions
  • Personality Characteristics
  • About your feelings
  • Relationship Orientation and Values
  • Important Qualities you want in your partner
  • True or False Statements about your personality
  • Personal Interests
  • Living Skills
  • Communication Styles

Your Compatibility Matches

After answering the questionnaire (I answered mine in about 20 minutes), eHarmony will match you with individuals who are compatible with your 29 key Dimensions. So instead of taking hours looking for your desired match, does the searching and matching for you. If you find one that you find interesting, you can send them an Ice Breaker to start a conversation. You also have the option to use the eHarmony Guided Communication system, which will show you how you can get to know more your matches.

As you will be getting in touch with people who you will still get to know, I suggest that you read the eHarmony Safety Tips. This is a good resource to read and I recommend that you be guided with this. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Free Sign-up 

Signing-up with is easy and free. However, after answering the questions and getting your matches you need to pay their other features. Their subscription rates are also considerably higher than other online dating sites, which costs $59.95 per month. is one of the most visited online dating sites and has gained many success stories. Yet, there are also that were disappointed with their service. However, if you would like to take on a different approach in looking for your match, then might just be the avenue for you to find that compatible match you are looking for. Try it out for yourself and see how it works for you.


If you have given up on fate in finding your special someone, why not take your chance in the scientific method of in finding a long-lasting relationship with someone. Free Sign-up Review offers an innovative way of finding your dating match. It does the matching for you using the 29 Compatibility Dimensions. However, because the option to search for matches on your own is not available, matches will only be reliant on the results of the eHarmony compatibility test.
4 / 5 stars

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