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The Original FatCow Plan

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fatcow-largeIs this your first time to build a website? If you are looking for a web hosting company to lend you a hand in building one, then FatCow can help you out. Just like a full glass of that nutritious milk, The Original FatCow Plan offering is packed with tools and services that can help you grow your very own website, especially for beginners like you. And with a name like that, you know that there are lots of web hosting features that you can milk out and benefit from FatCow.

Website vs. Web Hosting vs. Domain

If you want to put yourself or your company out in big worldwide web, you need to have a good web hosting service. Tech newbies may get confused with all these technical jargons like web hosting, web domain and website. It may sound and seem the same to you, but it is not. A website is basically your very own page containing all the information you want to share. While, web hosting refers to the service of providing space for users, like you, to store your content that you will be using and needing for your website. And that is exactly what FatCow can provide for you. FatCow provides you a server space where you can store all your website information like pictures, videos, texts and any other information you want to publish to be accessed by your readers or customers.

In creating a website, you would also need your domain name. Simply put, it is your website’s online address. If you are putting up a website for your company, your domain name could simply be your business name. The domain name makes it easier for your readers and customers to remember your page. It certainly adds credibility to your website. You can even create your very own professional and distinct email address rather than needing a Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail account.

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Beginners Get a Special Rate

If you are a website newbie, The Original FatCow Plan is offered for beginners at a special introductory price of $40/year for your first term. This will get you Oodles of disk space, data transfer, mailboxes and access to ShopSite’s online store. This FatCow plan is ideal for your individual or small business website which they will be hosting.

What A Glass of The Original FatCow Plan Offers

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 7.01.48 PMYour Original FatCow Plan will include one (1) free of charge for your domain name for your first year, loads of disk space and bandwidth and allows you to created unlimited mailboxes with a storage space of 250 MB or 10,00 email messages for each individual account. The Original FatCow Plan also includes access to Site Tools like Website Builder, Website Analytics Tool, Google Custom Search and Google Webmaster Tools. It will also help you in terms of marketing and advertising with features like $100 Google AdWords Bonus, $25 Yahoo!/Bing Search Marketing Credit, $50 Facebook Advertising Credit, free YELLOWPAGES.COM listing, WordPress blogging tools and Google Master Tools among others. And if you are a start-up business and want to sell online, the plan also includes features like E-store Builder by Shopsite, allows you to accept credit card payment and integration of PayPal Shopping Cart. It even includes a free Nextiva toll-free phone number and Mobile Site Builder. Now that will surely kick your business off to a good start. And FatCow offers promotions coupons and special offers to their customers during the initial term.

The Original FatCow Plan is only applicable for the first term though. If you are satisfied with the services of FatCow on your first term, you need to renew at their regular rate offerings. You may opt to renew after the first term monthly at $9.49 to be billed monthly, for a 12-month term at $9.49 to be billed $113.88 for 12 months, 24-month term at $8.49/ month to be billed $203.76 for 2 years or 36-month term at $7.49/ month to be billed $269.64 for 3 years.

A Glass and More

FatCow also makes the daunting website building easier for you. Part of their services include FatCow website management tools that will help you create and edit your first-class website. These tools can help it make it easier for you to create your website from Designs and Professional Services, like the TextToGo, where experts will help you with copywriting, MyMarketing Services, where FatCow marketing professionals will help you design, optimize and advertise your website, to Scripting and Databases and Web Site Management Tools.


  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free Domain
  • Host Unlimited Sites
  • Great Marketing and Advertising Tools for start-up business
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Affordable pricing

“I have been really happy with Fat webhosting. I am a novice, and had never created a website before. It was amazingly easy to get a website up and running using their Drag and Drop Site Builder. I was contacted one time by phone to see if I needed any help, and the representative was extremely helpful in answering the few questions I had. I have found that they are available, but do not overwhelm me with too many calls or emails to promote other products. I am really happy with Fat Cow, and would highly recommend them to anyone starting a new site.” – Eleanor Dunn

“Fat Cow has been very good to me. I do not know much about building a web site but they have helped me with every problem I ever had and have done so in a courteous, fast manner.” – Arthur D. Jensen


  • Customer service and tech support needs to be improved
  • Occasional downtimes

“Fatcow’s support is frustrating, at best. When you submit a ticket, your conversation goes to whomever grabs it from the queue. They do something. Follow up from you. Then someone else, who has no connection to the first support person, follows up. Repeat that scenario again and again. You need to re-state every time what your issue is. Often the support person recommends something you’ve done days earlier. Phone support is exactly the same. Wait time often is ridiculous.” – Laurie Storey-Manseau

“I’m using fatcow to host my second site and I wish I had gone elsewhere. I’ve had so much downtime it’s unbelievable. Speaking with customer support is like running in circles “I’ve recreated the problem and will create a ticket” – this has happened three times this week”! – Ben Johnsson

Take Advantage of the Special Offer

Website building should not be a scary endeavor for you. If you feel you are not tech savvy enough, let FatCow help and guide you through the process. All in all, the services they offer are all what you need to gear up your company’s own website. So, let your very own website be noticed and take advantage of The Original FatCow Plan special introductory offer.

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The Original FatCow Plan offering is packed with tools and services that can help you grow your very own website, especially for beginners like you. This FatCow plan is ideal for your individual or small business website which they will be hosting.
Fantastic Small Business Web Hosting with The Original FatCow Plan
Date Published: 10/14/2013
With its special introductory offer, The Original FatCow Plan is already value for your money. The package includes everything that you need to start the website for your small business.
3 / 5 stars

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