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Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 4.53.33 PM 3If you are a parent, definitely you always consider the needs, wants, welfare and safety of your children. They are your number one priority. Of course, why wouldn’t they? They are your precious gems. And these days, where there are more and more threats that your kids may come by, you would definitely want to protect your kids from any harm possible. With more kids reported to have gone missing or abused by sex offenders, all the more that you have to take the extra mile in ensuring that your kids are far from harm’s way. But sometimes, there is only so much you can do to protect your kids and let them understand the dangers in your community. KidsLiveSafe, an organization focused on protecting your kids, will empower you with the technologies to make it a little easier for you to safeguard your children.

I have read an article written by a sex offender, himself, and I am quite alarmed at how misinformed are we about the stereotypical sex offender. I have a niece and a nephew, I am shocked at how unassuming these offenders are. They could actually be anyone, as told in the article. And worst is, some of these people trick kids just so they can get what they want. If you want to read through this specific article I have read, you may want to check out this link.

Making a Safe Place for Kids

Child protection is the mission of KidsLiveSafe. The key here is knowing the people in your neighborhood. KidsLiveSafe will provide you with crucial information on the registered sex offenders who are living within your community. Not only that, their online database is complete with all the details of these sex offenders. While it is true that the US Department of Justice has a free online access of registered sex offenders, KidsLiveSafe aggregates data from all the 50 US States into one searchable database. So, whenever you go out for, say, a family vacation anywhere in the US, you do not need to click many links just to get information of possible sex offenders in your place of destination.

Statistics have shown that there are 747,408 registered sex offenders in the US. Vital information of these sex offenders, like their colored photo, full name, aliases, complete address and description of crime committed are all found with the database of KidsLiveSafe.

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 4.53.15 PM

KidsLiveSafe Searchable Database

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 4.53.23 PMAs written in the article I have read, there is a huge misconception that sex offenders are people whom your kids does not know of – complete strangers. What you may not know, most sex offenders are people who your kids already know or trust. They could be their school coaches, tutors, instructors, babysitter or anyone that your kid may already interact with. Sex offenders are not just men, as what most know, but could also be a woman. The KidsLiveSafe Search by Name feature allows you to screen the people who are interacting with their children on the Sex Offender database. You can also search by zip code or city.

Protection Zones and Alerts

Reading really does pay off. I have come to learn that because of Megan’s Law, all registered sex offenders are required to notify local law enforcement agencies in case they change their address or employment after they have been released from prison or psychiatric facility. The KidsLiveSafe Email Alerts allows you to monitor your home and three additional locations with any sex offender activity. This means you will receive instant email alerts whenever an offender registers within 5 miles of your monitored locations. These monitored locations are your kid’s protection zones. So, aside from your home, you can identify your kid’s school, playground and other areas your kid frequently goes to, so you will know if there are possible sex offenders within the area.

Aside from the protection zones, the Internet has recently become one of the most prevalent places for sex offenders. The Online Protection KidsLiveSafe will allow you to monitor your kid’s activity online while they are browsing the net or chatting. KidsLiveSafe uses an award-winning Internet filtering software, Net Nanny, where you can create customized online restrictions. You can block inappropriate websites, restrict social networking sites and control PC gaming. More importantly, KidsLiveSafe keeps your kids protected from online pornography and cyberbullying.

Your Kid’s Profile

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 4.53.23 PM 4

You can also use KidsLiveSafe Emergency Response Profiles to create digital profiles of your all your children. These profiles will contain your child’s latest picture and other personal information, which is important in the worst case when your child gets abducted or gets lost. This profile can be printed out or emailed to any law enforcement agency, making it easier for the proper authorities to locate or recover your child.

KidsLiveSafe Sign-up

KidsLiveSafe will allow you access to these services and more. If you are looking for a service that will give you optimum preemptive protection for your children, you may sign-up with the KidsLiveSafe 7-day Trial for a nominal fee. Once you are satisfied with the services they are offering, you can continue with your KidsLiveSafe membership for a monthly subscription fee of $29.97, quarterly subscription for $39.97, semi-annual subscription of $49.97 or annual subscription of $59.98. However, you may also opt to discontinue your trial and cancel before period ends.

Your KidsLiveSafe membership will include the following benefits:

  • Access to aggregated online database of registered sex offenders in all 50 US states
  • Complete profile of the offender
  • Instant Email Alerts once a registered sex offender moves in to your four assigned protection zones
  • Online Protection for your children
  • KidsLiveSafe Emergency Response Profile in case your child gets lost or abducted

Aside from these crucial and beneficial features, KidsLiveSafe also gives you access to FBI Crime Rate data. This will allow you to know you location’s crime rate, which you can review against other communities according to seven crime categories – burglary, murder, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault, auto theft or larceny. Again, this is crucial information if you are visiting another city or another state.

However, it is important to know that not all sex offenders are registered and can be found in the government’s free database or KidsLiveSafe integrated database, for that matter. That is why KidsLiveSafe also gives and provides you access to resources on their Learning Center with vital information to help you keep your loved ones from harm.

I actually tried free sites under state’s registry and signed-up with KidsLiveSafe to compare the features and actions and I feel it is far more worth than free stuffs offered by states registered sex offender page. I was very afraid and was actually scared after I heard from my son that one of his classmate is missing on August 17 in Elko, Nevada inspite the missing’s parents were free members of states pages. I strongly feel, we spend (waste) a lot of money on other non-important stuffs in our daily life but I am ready to pay someone who assures me of kids’ safety from sex offenders as my children are most important part of my life..not sure what others thinks off! Thank You KidsLiveSafe!” – Peter and Nancy Thomas

“The info they provide is readily available, FREE OF CHARGE, on government and law enforcement sites. There is no reason to pay these people, unless you want your email to end up on countless spam lists. It seems they hyave also listed innocent people as well, making it seem a bit unreliable if not downright phish-y. (get it? damn that’s actually not funny at all is it?)?Bottom line; DON’T.” – internest use

Your Kids Safety with KidsLiveSafe

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 4.53.33 PM 2It is always important to put your kids safety first in your priorities. Sign-up with KidsLiveSafe 7-day Trial, it could be the best decision you will ever make to ensure your kid’s all-out safety and security. It is also crucial to know that the average number of years that a sex offender serving an 8-year sentence is only three and a half year, so a sex offender could likely move in to your community after prison. It is best that you equip yourself with a service, like KidsLiveSafe, to protect your children. You may never your new next-door neighbor could be a registered sex offender. Take advantage of the KidsLiveSafe for your child’s optimum safety.

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