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SOS Online Backup

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At one point of your life, you must have accidentally hit the trash or delete button of a digital picture or encountered your computer crashing down losing all the very important files that you have. You must have also experienced the unfortunate predicament where, yes, you backed up your files to a flash drive, only to find out that you can no longer access it because a virus corrupted the flash drive. That can certainly be frustrating and infuriating, right? That is why I cannot over emphasize the importance of backing up your stored computer data. But, we all know that we always put it off thinking it is a long, grueling and time-consuming task.

A PC Mag article listed cloud storage or online storage as on top of the list of the most simple and easy ways to back-up important files. But with the many cloud storage service providers out in the market, which is the right one to choose? I recently stumbled upon SOS Online Backup. And with a service named like that, you will certainly have that peace of mind knowing that you will be saved from a disastrous incident of losing important digital files.


But, let us take a look at the features and see how their service works. This is one way for you to know whether SOS Online Backup is worth trying and purchasing to get you started in backing up critical data.

SOS Online Backup Brand

SOS Online Backup is an award-winning online backup system that allows you to restore and copy all your important files from different devices such as computers, laptops and mobile devices. It has been voted PC Mag Editor’s Choice for four years and is also recommended by The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.


It provides Home Office and Business solutions in providing a secured back-up and online storage. This is because it employs a Tier III and Tier IV data centers. This simply means that the data and files that you store using their software fully meets the standard. This ensures you with the best data center performance making it fully foolproof by making it it less prone to failures. I have learned that because of this, once you back-up your files with SOS Online Backup, you are assured that from the moment your transfer your files to the time it is stored, these are secured and 99.995% available for access.

The security of the files that you want to store and back-up is probably at the top of your priority. So from this very feature alone, SOS Online Backup is one product to consider.

SOS Online Backup Home Office Features

Convenient File Selection Over Multiple Devices

SOS Online Backup Home Office Plan allows you to back-up as many as 5 computers and devices with one account. This means that you can easily manage all your files from all your hard drives without the need to use multiple accounts for each device. You can easily select the files that you want to back-up using the SOS File Selection Wizard. This way you can optimize the storage space that you have by just backing-up your most important files. Also, it is compatible with PC and Mac computers. However, SOS does not indicate whether it is compatible with Linux.


Mobile Applications

And with its iOS and Android applications, you can also backup applications, photos, videos and contacts. I especially like this feature because no matter what happens to your device, you are also secured that data will not be lost. You can download the app for free from iTunes and Google Play Store. But, take note that it does not indicate if it can also backup files from a Blackberry device.

Speedy Backup

One concern over doing a back-up of a device is, of course, how fast it can transfer and copy selected files. Traditional back-up with flash drives and external drives could take long hours to finish transferring, even with just selected files. SOS promises a super fast file transfer. They estimate 1GB for every 15 minutes. Their site also showed a comparative speed test among its competitors.

Although, I would not count on this speed test as much. For one, of course they would show that they are the fastest as part of their marketing. And also, the speed of online storage file transfer will also depend on your Internet service provider and the number of files you will transfer and copy. So, the speed may vary from one user to another. Take note also that SOS does not show the estimate time left when doing a back-up.

Unlimited File Backup and Sharing

A key feature that I like about SOS is that it does not remove your file from your online storage and stays backed up for the life of your account. This means that it does not have a grace period and you do not risk losing a data altogether because you have also deleted the same file locally in your device. And you can easily share this with your friends by sending the file links via email.

In addition to that, a cool feature with SOS is that it also allows you to backup your Facebook account.


SOS Online Backup Business Plan

While it is imperative to secure and back-up your personal files, all the more it is crucial to make a secured copy of all your business documents. And we all know how the world is now gearing towards a paperless society where transactions are made online. The SOS Online Backup Business Plan has all the key features available in the Home Office Plan with additional features.

Centralized Management

With the SOS user-friendly dashboard, business owners or administrators can easily create username and passwords for sub-accounts, control GB usage, and access and reporting for each of the users. I think this is a great feature because it gives you the ability to make and limit access and get an overview on how the entire back-up system is being used from each of your personnel in the organization. This will also allow you to set automatic backup schedules across all users and devices.

SOS Pricing

SOS Online Backup Home Office has a variety of pricing plans to choose from. A 100GB storage space costs $9.99 monthly, while 150GB storage space costs $15.99 monthly and a 250GB space costs $19.99 monthly. You can also save if you choose a contract term of 1 year or 2 years. If you want a plan that can accommodate more than 250GB, you will be recommended for a Business Plan pricing.

The Business Plan, on the other hand, starts at $99.99 monthly for 250GB and $169.99 for a 500GB space. Similar with the Home Office Plan, you can also choose a contract term of 1 year or 2 years if you want to save on pricing. I actually think that a 250GB and 500GB storage space is very small for an online back-up system for a business. SOS, however, provides customized plan for storage space of more than 500GB. But, you need to contact their customer service to get an estimate.


Getting Started With An Account

Once you have chosen your backup plan, all you need is to create an account using your name, email address and password. You will also be required to provide your credit card information. Once you have finished this, you can now start to download the software to your PC or laptop and start your backup process. What I like about the software is that it is a very simple and has an easy to use interface. Also, a grid below your dashboard will be shown to see how much of a space you have already used.

I was searching for the site about how billing is done especially for the 1-year and 2-year contract terms. Unfortunately, there is no any information on how this done, if this will be billed monthly or annually.

SOS Online Backup Business 14-day Free Trial

What is great is that SOS Online Backup offers a 14-day Free Trial for its Business Plan. It provides a 175GB space to start your computer back-up. This is actually very good because you can really maximize backing up selected files. Just provide your full name, email address and password to create your free trial account. After this, you will be able to download the SOS Online Backup software. Once you are satisfied with how their service works, you can upgrade as a paid customer of their service.


The free trial, however, is only available for the Business Plan and is not offered for the Home Office Plan. But, I think home users can still take advantage of this offer.

Also, one great thing about SOS Online Backup is that it generally has good reviews of its key features.

Pros. It works well with multiple computers and I have access to my files wherever I am. Both the desktop app and web interface are easy to use. I also like the fact that a local backup option is included. The price for 100 gigs was lower than the competition. I received a quick response from the help desk on a question about how to delete files.

Cons. Loading 40 gigs of backup data took a long time over DSL. Needed to ask for help on a couple of features since it wasn’t obvious how to use them.

Summary. Great backup service! Good value compared to the competition.” – dmcclure0220

Pros. Interface is simple to use and set up, tech support is always very willing to help out where needed, cost is very reasonable. I also need higher levels of encryption to be compliant with privacy laws since I’m a doctor and use SOS to backup my electronic health records, and SOS is able to provide the additional security. I’ve been using SOS for about a year now and have been very happy!

Cons. It is easy to end up with duplicate files in your online backup, so it is helpful to periodically go in and manually clean out your online backup. That said, it’s pretty easy and painless to do. A slight hassle, but nothing that would cause me to consider switching to another service.” – kwshank

If you are looking for a great online back-up service provide, you can definitely benefit from SOS Online Backup. I say, take advantage of its Business Plan 14-day Free Trial. I really think it is worth your time to try their service out. Their easy to use interface allows you to easily back-up and even share files conveniently. Just an added, backing up files is all about redundancy as mentioned in the PC Mag article, so while you have backed-up your files using SOS Online Backup, it is advisable that you make a copy and store files in a flash drive, external hard disk or compact disc.


SOS Online Backup will give you that peace of mind with excellent features of its online backup system. No more worrying about losing important files and folders when the disastrous incident of your computer being corrupted happens.
Save Your Important Files Securely with SOS Online Backup
Date Published: 03/07/2014
SOS Online Backup is a much recommended online backup system. Its amazing features will suit any user, whether for personal or business purposes. Also, the 14-day Free Trial offer offers a 175GB storage space for you to use.
5 / 5 stars

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